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Our fight for a minimum wage of €14 is a fight to make the Netherlands fair for everyone. We stand for equality and solidarity. We are rising and standing up to injustice. The high level of inequality in the Netherlands is mainly felt by workers, women, people who differ from the physical norm and people of colour. This is why we are building a strong movement that is feminist, anti-racist and fights against all forms of oppression.

At the moment, power is in the hands of the large companies in the Netherlands and big money is in charge. This is why two million people don't have a decent income. Meanwhile, some politicians are playing us off against each other. They're blaming people on benefits, asylum seekers and migrant workers for the unfairness. As long as enough people believe that story, we'll stay divided and big money and large companies will win. It will allow them to keep on pouring money into their own pockets.

If we no longer want to put up with this, if we want society to focus on people again rather than big money, we have to believe in a new story. Towards 14 believes that together, we are stronger. Together with others who are going through the same thing, we can take a stand against the shameless enrichment of the big bosses. We are fighting for a Netherlands in which everyone can participate, regardless of their origin, colour, sexual preference, religion or level of education. A country in which everyone is free and equal and where you don't have to 'earn' a decent and dignified existence. Where people come first, not companies. Together, we can make the Netherlands like this!